Thursday, January 12, 2012

Support Western PA Girl Scouts & Pgh TransYouth: Buy More Cookies

Earlier this year, a Brownie troop in Colorado made news when they (after some delay) welcomed a 9 year old transgirl into their ranks. This prompted the typical outrage with some troops leaving the GSA to join with a more socially conservative, faith based girl's organization.

Fast forward to cookie season. A 14 year old Girl Scout has released a video on YouTube, chastising the Girl Scouts for not taking her safety into consideration over this decision and calling for a cookie ban.

In response, I urge you to purchase one extra box of cookies and donate to the youth programs at the Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Pittsburgh. It a simple $4 investment to support the Girl Scouts of Western PA AND transyouth in our area. Scouts are taking orders now and the cookie "booths" will be set up in February so you have many opportunities. If you need some assistance getting the donation to the GLCC, please email me pghlesbian (at) gmail.

And hope this young woman stays connected with Scouts so she can learn to open her mind and her heart.

(Still wrapping my head around the 14 year old worried about being safe from a 9 year old ... that adds a new twist on bullying.)