Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010 Wishes

As we wrap up the year and start a new decade, a few of my resolutions for the nation:

1.) That environmental concerns continue to be at the forefront of the American debate and are not destroyed by our unwillingness to change as a nation.

2.) We figure out a way to keep a public option in healthcare - without it, what is the point of healthcare reform if it will still be controlled by insurance companies.

3.) That we find a way to get out of Iraq and finish the job in Afghanistan as quickly as possible, where is our intelligence anymore? Why can’t we get these guys.

4.) That our nation heals the current divisive and gotcha culture.

5.) To move forward as a nation like we did in the race to the moon in the 60s, aren’t we supposed to have flying cars by now?

2010 New Beginnings

Hello to all that have been supporting Salon2Go. I am Happy to announce Salon2go has found a central location for all customers to come to.

I am currently located at Daquila Hair Color Studio. Please feel free to check out the website.
www.daquilahair.com or call @ 412 361 0900

I will update you soon with new pic of all styles, updo's, cuts as well as color. Stay Tune

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Please contact the Mayor re: Police Domestic Violence

Police Ofcr, Hlavac, (who was promoted 2 yrs. ago, despite his domestic violence
record), is again facing charges for dislocating his ex-girlfriend's jaw.

We need your help now.

The women of Pgh. must hear from the Mayor and the Public Safety Director that
Domestic Violence is a crime that the Mayor and Pittsburgh Police take very

Please take a minute today to email / call Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's office
(email: luke.ravenstahl@city.pittsburgh.pa.us, phone: 412-255-2626).

Suggested Message:

Dear Mayor Ravenstahl,
As a Pittsburgher, I ask that you take immediate action to hold a televised
press conference, with Chief Huss, to make a public statement that Domestic
Violence is a crime that the Mayor and Pittsburgh Police take very seriously.
This statement should reassure everyone – especially women - that victims' of
domestic violence can and should always feel comfortable reaching out to the
city of Pittsburgh Police for help, and that every Domestic Violence call will
be responded to promptly, and with the respect and seriousness it deserves.


The Coalition to End Domestic Violence in SWPA includes: National Organization
for Women, National Council of Jewish Women, Women and Girls Foundation, FISA
Foundation, Regional Equity Monitoring Project, Agh County Commission for Women,
Women's Center and Shelter, EWC and Center for Victims of Violent Crime.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

We're on Twitter

The Society is now on Twitter. Follow us @pghwomen Who knows where we'll lead you? :-)

If we are especially ambitious, we'll try to participate in #wednesdaywomen #ww and promote our favorite female tweeps!

Parking Space Reservations?

We found this space reserved on W. North Avenue ... yes, two walkers with a garland of crime scene tape. To be fair, it is a handicapped spot so you have to give them props for driving home the point that there are some things that just need to be respected ...

Police charged with domestic assault ... again

Does anyone know the consequences for Sgt Hlavac under the new policies?

Pittsburgh police Sgt. Eugene Hlavac was charged yesterday with one count of aggravated assault after his ex-girlfriend, who is the mother of his son, said he hit her.

Lauren Noel Maughan initially contacted Penn Hills police, who referred her to Pittsburgh police. She provided a written statement, according to a criminal complaint filed in Municipal Court.

The sergeant, who works in the Hill District, was arraigned yesterday and released on his own recognizance but was ordered to have no contact with Ms. Maughan. He could not be reached last night. His status with the Police Bureau was not clear.

Not a good year for the Mayor's promotees. Hlavac, obviously, hasn't quite learned a lesson. And then there's Commander Trosky of Zone 2 who faces allegations that he commandeered a Zone 1 event and engaged in conduct unbecoming a leader by verbally abusing a subordinate assigned to the Mayor's security detail. That's one ugly, unholy mess of a pissing contest in what could be yet another attempt to squelch the role of women in the police upper echelons (Zone One is commanded by Rashelle Brackney, a highly respected commander who is standing up to Trosky's roll over on her responsibilities).

So let's hope the new domestic violence policies have some teeth and can potentially break this cycle before Sgt Hlavac breaks more than the jaw of the mother of his child. Or any woman.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pittsburgh Mayor Hires Men. Yawn

Wow. The Mayor has recently appointed 4 directors, 1 assistant director and a city solicitor.

One is a woman, Judy Hill Finegan as director of the Department of Personnel and Civil Service Commission. Judy's predecessor was also a woman so there's no net gain for female leadership within this Administration.

Now I can't get on the Mayor's press release list so I have to cite the Post-Gazette. I wonder how many female driven media sources are on the press list?

The moves continue "the reorganization of City government as [the mayor] charts the course for his first four-year term," a news release said.
Remember, this Administration worked with the Women & Girls Foundation on a gender pay equity study for City employees. Equity in pay is certainly linked to equal opportunities in terms of high level decision making positions. Right?

One recommendation from the study was increased representation to address actual and perceived inequities.

Finding: Females face additional barriers hindering their pursuit of advancement opportunities in City government. The lack of females in higher level jobs indicates that there have been self imposed, organization, or structural barriers to women seeking to move into the higher levels of the organization in the past.
Focus group and survey data support this perception. A subset of focus group participants (approximately 20 percent) felt that gender discrimination plays a key role in the ability of come City workers to advance within the ranks of government. Other participants felt that favoritism and political motivations played a bigger role. Specifically, these employees cited that women do not become as involved in politics in the City and as a result do not progress to the more power jobs. Regardless of the reason, there is a lack of female representation in higher level positions.
The Mayor has defaulted once again into the the tried and true method of maintaining the status quo by failing to identify the women (we know they exist) qualified to lead these departments or at least one of these departments.

Business will continue as usual.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Pittsburgh to Pay Carpenter to Evaluate 'Parking Chairs'

Mitch Gaylord, left, before we lured him away from the world of athletic fame and fortune to write for the Ms. Adventures on the Mon blog for free.

Mitch Gaylord writes about the city's latest debaucle: http://msmonongahela.blogspot.com/2009/12/pittsburgh-to-pay-600000-to-carpenter.html

Monday, December 14, 2009

"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity." ~ Robert A. Heinlein ~


Chad Hermann, left, holding one of his inventions, "the manzier," which he intended to be a "great gender equalizer" in assisting middle-age, upper class, white males in breaking the barriers that have so long held them back.

Choices, choices, choices. Chad Hermann must be giddy with excitement.

A) Will columnist Sally Kalson tighten the knot she's already created?

B) Will CMU English professor Kathy M. Newman's comments in an article that focuses on the Easy-Bake Oven stir his panty pot?

C) Will the idea of a gender agenda in the article about two squabbling police commanders at Mayor Ravenstahl's election party bunch his boxers?

D) All three, resulting in an "atomic wedgie."

Vote now ladies and gentlemen!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Astrological Happenings Horoscope, December 2009

Uranus, the 'Awakener' finally stations on December 1st, and prepares to turn forward and continue on his courageous journey! During the past few months of his REtrograde, he encouraged us to temporarily internalize our aspirations and dreams - so that we could follow our own dreams and find our own uniqueness again. This process was to help 're-awaken' our individual spirit and to reconnect with our original purpose - rather than blending in and following the crowd. As Uranus held his reins tightly on us for the past few months, we may have experienced more solitude or loneliness (depending on your perspective). The main goal was to help us to re-think and re-shape our mission and individual calling. We needed to learn about our own resistance to change, and to REdiscover our own individuality. Uranus was also busy doing the backstroke through mystical Pisces, and we may have received our own messages of insight regarding compassion and the power of forgiveness, so that we could do our own changing and let go of past. These vibrations of course helped to promote self-healing as well as humanity for others, and for the world. This 'waiting game' is an opportunity to detach ourselves from our emotions, with an option to REevaluate our intentions, like 'be careful of what we wish for'. So whatever has been 'on hold' in our life since July, there was a reason, and it was our chance to re-invent ourselves. To be the change that we want to see the in the world.

Today we will feel the reins unleashed us again, allowing us to carry on with our lives again, but with a new force of motivation! We have a new vision in mind of what we can change in our life now, but we must follow our own beam of light to make it happen. So in the near future, expect to see some big changes in ourselves, our relationship with others, and in the world! I should add that Uranus is the rebel who shocks the world for a bigger and better cause... so be prepared for a few big surprises in the coming weeks ahead!

In the Tarot, Uranus is represented in the message of The Fool. In this image, a new chapter is ready to unfold in the life of the Fool. Walking along without a care in the world, the Fool may be considered 'quite foolish' or 'brilliant' as he strays from the safety of his space on the hillside - to walk off the cliff and wander into the 'unknown'. It is surprising, shocking, and definitely life-changing. No one expected that he would be so spontaneous and just 'do it'. And sure, the Fool could completely louse up the whole thing without thinking of the consequences - or he could be a genius who wasn't afraid to take a risk, and then surprisingly lands on his own two feet! Just expect the unexpected! If you are interested the Tarot, I write a monthly Tarotscope, pulling one card per each sign. Check out my Tarotscope Happenings here!

Our desires and needs shift from the darker world of Scorpio, and come out into the open, as Venus enters expansive Sagittarius December 1. There are no games with truthful Sag. Love is spread in big way, because it makes us feel good - and because we can! In Sagittarius, we aim to give big and generously, as we know how much we actually get back from it! Sagittarius is the traveler, so many of us will add traveling to our plans to spread the cheer. Sag also represents our belief system, religion, and philosophy and we may feel the need to reconnect with others (or ourselves) in a grand way. Venus (Relationships and Money) has great potential when she meets up with the abundant world of Sagittarius, so we could see our partnerships and finances take a BIG turn for the better. Unfortunately, Sag is also a risk-taker and can be known to be quite irresponsible and frivolous with the funds, so enjoy the blessings - but try not to take it for granted! Have fun, but invest wisely!

Communications and friendship come out strong for us during the Full Moon in Gemini on December 2. The Full Moon shines brightly and lights up the darker areas in our life - rejuvenating negativity into positive light, love, and truth. Allow this moon to see life and others as they are - rather than how you hoped it would be. Communications also become more reserved as Mercury enters serious Capricorn on December 5. Our thoughts become more focused about family, money, and tradition. We are leaving the 'tall tales' of Sagittarius behind, to concentrate on how we can structure our ideas and profit from them too. During this holiday time of sharing, we could begin to put a tighter hold on our wallets (Cappy can be pretty stingy), while communicating the real message behind love and the 'gift of giving'. On December 9, my website: Starcana.com is celebrating our eighth year on the internet! whoohooo!

A new emotional cycle begins with a New Moon in philosopher Sagittarius, December 16. We have the potential to take ourselves to a much higher place during the next few weeks if we work with the vibrations, while investing genuine thought AND action into our goal. Our passion and actions come to a screeching halt as Mars stations and turns retrograde in big-hearted Leo on December 20, which will continue 'til March. You may have noticed your world already starting to slow down, but.... read the complete horoscope here!

Happy Holidays!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009