Monday, May 13, 2013

CJE Monday News Briefs

CJE Monday News Briefs

And Six Years Later ... The Closing of The Women's Blogging Society

In May 2007, we launched The Pittsburgh Women's Blogging Society as a community building tool for female bloggers in this region. We drew upwards of 50 contributors - using the blog to both republish content from their page and create original content. 

In the ensuing six years, the number of female bloggers in Pgh has increased significantly and the community building is happening all over the place - Twitter, Facebook, face to face gatherings.  

We've made a few efforts to organize and get together to discuss our future, but we haven't been successful in making that happen. Perhaps because its already happening? But maintaining The Society requires time and effort and energy even with the use of lovely automation tools. 

And the time has come to close our doors. Rather than allow our blog to languish, it makes sense to end on a high note - our sixth anniversary!  So on May 31, the blog will close shop as will the social media tools. It won't be deleted, just not public - the archives will be available should there be a need to revisit these formative years in blogging. 

Thank you for your contributions to the Burghosphere! :-)  

If you have questions, please feel free to ask ...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

When an Immigration Reform Doesn’t Do the Trick

When an Immigration Reform Doesn’t Do the Trick

Change the Conversation: A Day of Blogging About Sexual Assault

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Bloggers in Pittsburgh invite you to participate in a "Day of Blogging" to help change the conversation - from victim blaming to preventing rape, from "scary stranger in the dark" to the prevalence of intimate partner sexual violence, from assuming women are the only victims to a broader understanding of the impact of sexual assault in the queer community.

To participate, we ask you to create one blog post or one social media post (G+, Facebook, Instagram, etc) on this topic - from your own perspective, using your own words. We will also be using this opportunity to encourage readers to support an important community organization, Pittsburgh Action Against Rape through this CrowdRise campaign - every $5 we raise will help to change the conversation through education, counseling and training.  ** This event is not sponsored by or officially connected with PAAR - this is a private fundraiser, but through Crowdrise all funds collecte will go directly to PAAR.
Date:   Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Participant:  Anyone interested in the topic
Crowdrise Widget - insert this html code into your site
Hashtag:   #PghSAAM (Pittsburgh Sexual Assault Awareness Month)
How do I sign up?  Email pghlesbian at gmail dot com with your name & the name of your social media tool (with url) When your post is live, please send a link to be added to this page throughout the day.
How else can I show my support?  Use the "grab button" and display on your blog leading up to the event. Change your avatar on April 16 to the logo or simply a ribbon.  Share the various posts.
I want to participate, but I prefer to be anonymous?  We support your decision to remain anonymous. If you would like to share your story without using your name, please contact pghlesbian and we can arrange for it to be published on one of the host blogs. We want you to feel safe and supported - and we appreciate any form of participation that works for you.
What should I say? You can write anything from a brief statement of support to your personal story (please use trigger warnings.) What does it mean to you to change the conversation?
If I am not a survivor, should I participate? Yes, this impacts our entire society - advocates for survivors speaking out are incredibly important to building a safer society for everyone.
I'm not in Pittsburgh? Several of us in Pittsburgh are responding in solidarity with our sisters in nearby Steubenville. That is why we selected a Pittsburgh based organization for donations - but it is perfectly great for you to promote an organization or cause in your own community or to not mention the fundraising element at all. There is no geographic limit to whom can participate.
Resources:   This a list (not comprehensive) of resources you may consult for statistics and data to use in your post.

List of Participants
Check this page for a list of participants.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

No More Steubenvilles: How To Raise Boys to be Kind Men | Common Dreams

No More Steubenvilles: How To Raise Boys to be Kind Men | Common Dreams

Change The Conversation: Blogging About Sexual Assault – Planning Post

Friends – The Pittsburgh Women’s Blogging Society is organizing a “Blogging Day” on Tuesday April 2. “Change the Conversation: Blogging About Sexual Assault” We need help to make this successful. Help us send a message of solidarity to our sister in Steubenville and all survivors of sexual assault. Help us begin the difficult conversations on this topic and encourage our readers and social network to stop and think.
April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.
How can you help?
We need a logo that can be converted into a small button – around 200×200 – as well as an average image size. Can you design this?
We need someone to gather the most current information on sexual assault from a reputable source – like PAAR, convert it into a .pdf and set it up on Google Docs or some other publicly accessible site.
We need someone to set up a donation tool to benefit PAAR – a chipin, a crowdfunding site, etc. You will need to talk with PAAR’s development team.
We will need PR – help us recruit participants and also track social media the day of. Perhaps set up a Scoop.It for posterity.
You don’t need a blog to participate – you can use Facebook, Twitter, even Pinterest. You can share your story or you can write about any angle you want. You don’t have to be in Pgh – you can ask folks to donate to your local agency.
Please message me right away if you can help. Thank you.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chipping Away at Exceptions: Forced Birth for Fetal Anomalies - RH Reality Check

Chipping Away at Exceptions: Forced Birth for Fetal Anomalies - RH Reality Check

Join One Billion Rising in Pittsburgh on V-Day!

TRIGGER WARNING: violence, abuse.



Pittburgh's event will also be in memory of Ka'Sandra Wade, the young, Pittsburgh woman who was killed by her ex-partner on New Year's Eve and whose death has raised a call for better procedures by the police.

One Billion Rising Pittsburgh
When: Thursday, February 14, 2013 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST
Where: Market Square, 23 Market Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 (map)
Hosts: New Voices Pittsburgh: Women of Color for Reproductive Justice and Friends
Pittsburgh Website: Here
Facebook Event Page: Here
Sign up on the National Site for the Pittsburgh Event: Here

*2003 UNIFEM report entitled "Not A Minute More: Ending Violence Against Women," or 2008, the UNITE To End Violence Against Women Campaign, initiated by UN Secretary-General's Office

Friday, January 11, 2013

Remember Her Name Cyber Vigil Honoring Ka'Sandra Wade

The Pittsburgh Women's Blogging Society is honored to invite the blogging community to remember Ka'Sandra's name by participating in a cyber vigil on Saturday, January 12.

For more details on how to participate, please click here.