Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Keyword Search Amusement

Who doesn't get a kick out of knowing the top five searches that bring people to a blog? I surely do.
Here are the keywords that bring people here.

1. Obama Pittsburgh October 27
2. 17 children
3. pittsburgh porn (umm...I didn't realize there was a large industry...but then again, I wouldn't.)
4. Lynn Cullen
5. peduto ijustine

others that amuse me:

-Buy my daughter

-mayor requirements

-don't trust anyone over 30 (I kid you not).

-inappropriate humor

-mega vagina (why do I feel it's wrong to write that all out?)

-evil women are

-women's views on sex

-"journalism degree" "Don't want to write for"

-aaron mcgruder's agent?

-an acronym for woman

-all male gay bars in pgh,pa.com (I'm not quite sure that we're the place to go to for that)

-barbie conventions

-chris potter and birthday and pittsburgh blog

-free pittsburgh porn

-frank dermody medical marijuana (SAY WHAT? Furreal?)

-fucker woman from alaska

-how can a women have 17 kids?

-house keepers in men's locker rooms (huh?)

-is women's right a joke (uhh it is SO good this person can't be tracked easily)

-where to find sarah palin glasses in pittsburgh pa

-why women shouldn't be police officers

There were quite a few people searching for Pittsburgh Porn and the other one keeps being about having 17 children.

ooookay then...

-Agent Ska-

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  1. that's a pretty odd list but interesting. thanks.