Monday, July 13, 2009

Jane Orie update

She's dropped out of the race against Toomey. I'm not sure if she even had enough time to really drop in...

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  1. I'd Like to know why Senator Orie is listed as congratulating now disgraced ex-senator Vinnie Fumo for his work on PA's $137mn Taxpayer Funded Philly Bridge To Nowhere Project, The Barnes Art Museum Fiasco. The Barnes MOve Earmark (S.B.1213 of 02) was clandestinely passed without PUBLIC HEARINGS OR PUBLIC COMMENT and it is disgrace to the Honorable and orderly conduct of Government. (Midnite Earmarks have since been banned as a matter of law in PA.) But, Senator Orie is listed in Senate Resolution No. 265 of 2008 as congratulating Fumo for this wasteful and disgusting project that is slated to start this Fall to move a perfectly good art museum JUST FIVE MILES in PHILLY for $137 MILLION DOLLARS in taxpayer funds. A respected Curator from The Smithsonian Museum and Voices from The National Law Journal, TIME, The New Yorker, The Wall Streeet Journal, The LA TIMES and more have all condemned PA's BARNES ART MUSEUM MOVE FIASCO. Senator Ories is supporting the destruction of one of America's & Pennsylvania's most important National Cultural Landmarks in violation of the Founder's Trust. Google "Barnes Foundation" (images) for more on the Art Grab of The Century. See more at & KEEP THE BARNES IN MERION! STOP THIS PHILLY PET PROJECT. KEEP THE BARNES IN MERION!!!