Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Joann Evansgardner Died on 2/16

Back in the '70s (and probably for many years before and after that), when there was work session for the ERA or abortion rights or almost anything else women cared about, it would be at Joann and Gerry's house. I remember many nights writing post cards, planning, talking, doing all kinds of things. OK, I probably remember their house more because I lived nearby and didn't have a car, so I was there quite a bit.

I didn't see Joann that much when I moved back to Pittsburgh in '93, but I ran into her from time to time, still a firebrand. I ran into them at the Feminist Expo in DC back in '96.

She died in hospice care just last night. Gerry died last year. I will never forget either of them.


  1. I met her once about 5 years ago. She was still active in the Wilkinsburg Chapter of NOW. What a wonderful, interesting role model. I am so glad that you posted this. It gives me a moment to reflect and feel gratful for the activism of so many.

  2. Joann and Gerry founded the press, KNOW, Inc and my first book, I'm Running Away From Home But I'm Not Allowed To Cross The Street, was the first book they published. After almost a year of trials and errors, the beautiful little red book was born--looking like Mao's, but better. We were all so happy and proud. KNOW sold it for 3.85, which included postage and handling, because we wanted to make it accessible to all. Joann raised Hell wherever she could. She never took the short end of the stick and said Thank you very much. She jabbed and poked and jabbed again. I can't say, Rest in peace, that'd be antithetical to her nature--she'd want us all to go on fighting injustice to the end. She was a woman who gave her all.
    Gabrielle Burton

  3. Again, thank you for posting. My meeting with her was so brief, but there was something so special about her, that I never forgot. Link to her PG obit:

  4. I knew Joann from the time she spent in Texas. she was a real fire cracker. I was so glad we had a chance to spend a week together last December. It was very special.