Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Detachment, letting go & cutting ties..

I want you to think about the number of major changes, breakdowns, and acts of defiance that were a part of your 2003 - 2010 when Uranus 'The Awakener' entered Pisces, ruling our illusions, dreams, and 'our reality'. Uranus was literally 'waking us' to what we had been experiencing (or imagining) in hopes to release us from guilt, hopelessness, and drowning in our sorrows - and restore new faith and inspiration in our lives.

If you are searching for your true self and worth again, I have created a mediation using creative visualization and the tarot with a simple, but deep inner work to lead you in the right direction. Here's a short clipping:

"...followed their path, you went on yours. You made a HUGE sacrifice to find your way. There isn't a lot of traffic on this road of higher thinking, so loneliness was to be expected. All that you have learned, experienced, developed, and manifested in the past seven years - is ready to be put to rest. Your soul searching for change, answers, and healing has been... read more >>".

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