Friday, October 1, 2010

Weekly Horoscope: October 1 - October 3

The Moon is swollen in emotional Cancer on Friday October 1, and while our sensitivities want to be protected, they also search for an outlet. We could feel the need to express ourselves as Communicator Mercury opposes braggart Jupiter, and we may excrete more than we should. If you're you're going to say it and put it our there, remember that a positive approach attracts a positive response. Otherwise, know when to zip it. Because of necessary upgrades needed to my server, my website and email went down for a few days. When this happens, I will usually send out an alert and whine about it on my blog as I did on Monday, where options are available to stay in contact with me. If you would like such alerts to be delivered to your email address, or to have weekly access to my astrological tarot horoscope, subscribe for free.

Pressure is building in the cosmos on Saturday October 2, and we may experience strong gusts of wind that cause a change in the weather as fury is stimulated in the heavens. Luna begins to inflate with majestic pride as she enters Leo today. It's not about talk, but taking action. Just as a sensitive firecracker is highly reactive, the Leo Moon is just as raw and willful. Our purposeful shift will create quite the read more >>

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