Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bad Local Business Practice: Sending Unsolicited Text Messages

Last night, we went to a restaurant I really like with with an out-of-town friend. Today, I got text message spam from that restaurant. I sent the following response (and I'm not mentioning the name of the restaurant unless I receive yet more spam to my cell phone): Dear [Restaurant Owner]: We brought a friend from out of town to [your restaurant] last night as we've always been a fan of the food and the beer selection. As we had to wait for a table to open up, I gave my cell phone number so we could easily be notified when a table was available. A little while later, I got a cell phone text message saying our table was ready. However, that does not mean that I've invited [your restaurant] to send additional text messages to my phone, like the one I got today. Many of us are not on unlimited text plans, so we pay for your spam. It's a really poor practice on your part and I hope you stop it right away. Use cell phones and social media wisely.

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