Friday, May 18, 2007

Mission Statement

I think we need a statement of purpose.

What is it that we want this blog to achieve? To discuss? Are there resources we want to alert people to? To raise awareness?


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  1. Here are my thoughts ... I would like this blog to be a forum for women to co-blog and see what kind of creativity stems from women to the power of n. I see this blog creating awareness of Pgh women bloggers and their contributions to the Burgosphere. I see us discussing anything and everything that relates to the experiences of local women blogging - from politics to feminism to everyday stuff. We can let the topics evolve as long as they are tied to the central idea of Pgh women blogging. Is that too vague?

    I'd let only women blog, but men can comment if they so choose. Take a look at the settings and see if you want to change them.