Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Other Women Bloggers

OK, so we need a list of whom to invite. I don't know many ...

Emilia at Transburgh

OK, that's all I know or at least all I can think of right now. Let's make a list and then we can send an invite. Plus post invites on our respective blogs. We do have to confirm in some way that people unfamiliar to us are, in fact, women. And by women, I mean those whose gender identity is female, not just those who are women-born. I feel very strongly about that.

Who else should come on board? I think its reasonable to say that they should have an existing blog of their own (or participate in one as a blogger, not commenter) to participate here. Perhaps further down the road we can invite potential bloggers to join. What do you think?


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  1. iJustine at www.tastyblogsnack.com

    julie_gong at blogofagoodtime.blogspot.com