Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hlavac Firing: the Link

Here ya go ....


  1. Thanks for posting this. I am glad that a-hole got what was coming to him.

  2. It may be the cynic in me but the firing was as hollow as the zero tolerance policy for anything that happens in this city.Policies only apply to the ones they want them to apply to. It was simply an obligatory gesture to quell the criticism. The officer was not given due process the Mayor and the Public Safety Director know this, but they fired him right away anyway because they know the rules, and expect he will get his job back. When he gets his job back, they will claim, there was nothing they could do.
    Just don't want anyone to get their hopes up that suddenly someone saw the light.

  3. Agreed that this step was not the final step on this particular journey. I watched Off Q last Friday (1/8/2010) & panelist Valerie McDonald spoke of her efforts to address dv among city employees back in the 90s. But you don't get to your destination with just one turn of your car's wheels. It's up to us to not run out of gas.