Sunday, January 31, 2010

Astrological & Tarotscope Happenings, February 2010

February Astrology with Astrological Happenings Horoscope is a bit of a quieter month to indulge ourselves in, but as I always say - take advantage of the quieter timing to recharge our batteries! Our thought-processing and ways of communication for the next few weeks can feel like a strategic game of chess as Mercury enters intelligent Aquarius February 10. We're mentally focused, staying a few steps ahead of the next person, focused on our goal. With supreme concentration at a high, this is quite favorable for brainstorming terrific ideas for advertising, and some friendly competition in work/business. In relationships and romantic partnerships, you may sense a bit of distance and frigidness in the air. Many of us can find a new inspiration as we become friends with ourselves again, detaching from outside emotional connections - which can sometimes just confuse us. It's important to break away from our own routines in order to be true to our own spirit, but also to escape the boredom of daily habits. Words and intentions are crystallized now and it's important to heed and make wise decisions based on facts, rather than emotions.... Read more >>


February Tarot with Tarotscope Happenings - Happy birthday AQUARIUS! (January 20-February 18) Eight of Pentacles: Apprenticeship. You are learning much now, and this information is worth great value. Modest gain. Wisdom and knowledge is priceless, stay focused on your goal. Invest all that you learned and experienced, to guide you toward a rewarding future. Save something for a rainy day. You are working your way up the ladder, slow and steady. Patience is profitable. Your determination and effort are the steps to your success. Commitment and loyalty allows you to progress into great growth. Understand that it takes time to develop. Standing at the top of the hill and winning is not what gives one self-respect, for it is the climb, and surviving when everything was working against you. You are so close to blossoming.

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