Monday, March 1, 2010

Dress for Success Women's Financial Literacy Project Uses Designer Hats and Jewelry as Incentives

This came through my in box today and caught my eye. I love financial literacy programs; I used to teach a monthly class. And I believe in the power of incentives ... but this strikes me a bit off.

Dress for Success Worldwide chose Pittsburgh as one of their sites for a
BNYMellon grant to fund an 8 week seminar on Financial Literacy!

We’ve gotten TERRIFIC speakers – some of Pittsburgh’s finest finance professionals –and great topics such as “Emotions and Money”.

Women who complete all of the classes will receive a Coach hat valued at $148 and Lia Sophia Jewelry, compliments of Dress for Success Worldwide. All participants will receive Lia Sophia Jewelry as well.

WHERE: BNY Mellon conference room (light refreshments provided)
WHEN: April and May, Tuesday evenings from 5:30 to 6:30 PM for 8 weeks

Please email or call if you know of anyone interested – this is open to ALL women!

Constance Mayer
& Operations
Dress for Success Pittsburgh
412-201-4204 x 225
332 Fifth Ave, floor 5
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

want more information? see a
fabulous video with Iman and others!

Frankly, I'm not a designer hat or jewelry kind of woman, but it just seems odd to reinforce financial literacy lessons with those items. On the one hand it is a real reward for people who are motivated by such things, but on the other it seems like rewarding a successful dieter with an all you can eat (albeit fancy) meal.

Most financial literacy classes that I've seen offer gift cards and other small prizes. We used to give out calculators and people loved them.

Is it just me? Would they offer a class for men fashion incentives or would they stick with the traditional $50 Giant Eagle/Wal-Mart card?



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