Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Earth-related Tremors & Troubles

I have mentioned this before, as I have been been personally experiencing intuitive tremors and making notes on my twitter account, then archiving on my personal tremor log. Whether I have been on target with what I am feeling, or maybe just totally coincidental, but this is the reason that I am logging it all, to see if there is a genuine pattern. If you have read my notes, I have experienced visual signs that I am interpreting as something larger that MAY be happening with our earth. I COULD be wrong, because I have a feeling - not scientific proof. But with the tremors I have felt, something is shaking he earth. With Jupiter, there is an increase of moisture that is loosening the earth. I have seen a number of repeated visions of 'rings on fire', and after days of wondering - 'what the heck is that?' I am assuming with additional messages received, that these visuals is a volcano(s). Now with Pluto and Saturn as more of the distant planets, they move at a much slower pace. During their recent retrograde, they take their good ole time traveling backwards, into deeper 'unseen' areas. Deeper into memories, into the subconscious, etc. My thoughts are the same with the earth. We have extreme tension increasing between Uranus (tremors), Pluto (ejection), and Saturn (foundation/earth). A very deep eruption is surfacing. I don't know where this would occur, I don't know when this would actually occur, I don't know if this is worthy enough to even speculate, without valid proof.

Back in my February post: I mentioned that I'm not a professional scientist with a knowledge for these things, but instead, I follow intuitive patterns and astrological factors as my own guide. My goal is NOT to freak anyone out, but to simply make them 'aware', so that they may prepare. I usually try to follow my own advice and talk to my husband when I see certain obstacles ahead, and with what may come. I would personally suggest that if you qualify and live in an area where flooding is possible, use precaution and get flood insurance (with Jupiter in Pisces) this year. I also would check to see if your house lot is on or connected to an area where mining had occurred, there may be mining insurance for that as well (with Saturn and Pluto retrograding). And seriously, I could be wrong, as i am not going on scientific facts. And I hope that I am wrong. I don't know the geographical information with mining here in the Pennsylvania area, but my belief right now, is "better safe, than sorry", which is the reason for me sharing my thoughts.

I find it interesting that in 2010, we're in a universal three cycle in numerology 2+0+1+0=3, and three's are related to communication and expression. In the Tarot, three is related to The Empress card, who represents Mother Earth. This is a year that Mother Earth is communicating to us. So far, she has spoke loudly with the earthquakes in Chile and Haiti, along with the threat of a tsunami, blizzards and flooding in the US. I imagine that she still has a lot more to say and get off her chest.

Enjoy your week.


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