Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekly Astrology Insight: April 26 - May 2

Weekly Astrology Insight: April 26 - May 2

Based on Eastern Time zone.

Monday April 26, A few confusing aspects in the earlier hours could have us feeling a bit uncertain about our day. Mercury retrograde will also have his say in this, playing tricks with our minds, disrupting our ability to make good, conscious decisions. Before making choices or taking action, be sure to take some quality time to go over facts to avoid any possible misunderstandings.

Pinched for time, we're challenged to find a peaceful balance in our course of action, but change is not always easy. The traditional values that Saturn grounds us with, are put through a test when opposed with the impulsive changes that Uranus delivers at 7:23pm, to reform the old, with the new. Some of us may have already felt the stress increasing over the past weeks and/or months. As tension continues to build, something could snap, if it hasn't already. Chaos and unexpected shifts in the world, as well as in our life and relationships may occur, and times are changing, as it waits for no one. What may have been at odds or avoided in your circle, will now experience a force to be reckoned with. Saturn had been retrograde in Libra (personal and professional relationships) but has recently entered Virgo (our service to others, work, health, pets). These areas may be experiencing sensitivities and much strain as Pluto is also retrograde, digging and removing the REAL culprit of damage. Even though Saturn is retrograde, he's still looking out for our best interest, encouraging us to get it right' this time. 'Shape up or ship out', as it's for our own good. It's similar to when we've experienced a painful sore that just won't heal. We keep covering it up with a band-aid, but there is no change. Finally Uranus comes along as our 'wake up call', unexpectedly rips off the bandage and tells us that we need to change in our game. The Libra Moon helps us to make sense of what is happening, as we set our emotions on the side. We may not get what we want - but in a way we do - which is how the Universe rolls.

Tuesday April 27, Moon enters Scorpio 6:28pm, and we'll feel a need to withdraw and experience the emotions that we're tapped into. We may feel as if something is being pulled away from us as we begin to discharge negative forces, but the heavy weight of tomorrow's blistering Full Moon may simply be magnifying emotional pressures - reflecting our own desire to retreat. Mercury retrograde fumbles with our perspective, so we could struggle between our feelings and common sense. The necessity to let go of drama let's us step back to do a little self-nurturing. Find time to meditate, so that unhealthy suspicions can be cleansed.

Wednesday April 28, A Full Moon in Scorpio ripens at 8:19am, harvesting our New Moon intentions from the 14th - if we participated in making it happen. If you can't remember, here is part the clipping I wrote:

...We have a new emotional cycle on Monday April 14, as Luna enters courageous Aries 8:29 am EST. This is a time that we find ourselves ready to 'start fresh' and experience life on a whole new inner level. It is a time to Read More >>

Make it a great week!

Suzi Dronzek

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