Thursday, April 7, 2011

Aaaaaaa! OMG Doyle WTF??

UPDATE: Congressman Doyle posted a clarifying response (he opposes HR-3 and HR-358 on the original blog.

Spurred on by something that showed up in my Facebook stream, I called my Congressman, Rep. Mike Doyle to ask about his stance on HR-3 and HR-358. The nice young man who answered the phone told me that Rep. Doyle has yet to take a position on these bills….



HR-358 is the bill that would allow hospitals to let a woman die rather than performing a life saving abortion. So the scenario is this…a woman, most likely pregnant by choice and excited to become a mother suffers some monstrous, unimaginable injury or illness or complication. The only way to save her life is to terminate the pregnancy. A devastating and horrible choice for an expectant mother to make. This bill would let a hospital choose (note that the hospital and doctors seem to have a choice in this matter) to refuse to perform this LEGAL and NECESSARY medical procedure and allow the mother to die.

And Doyle doesn’t have a position on this yet????

SHAME. ON. YOU. Congressman Doyle.

Along with all the other anti-woman, infantalizing, misogynistic provisions in these bills (including the redefinition of rape)….I totally forgot where I was going with this sentence. My vision is blurring in a haze of outrage…oh, along with all these other provisions this is some of the worst and most damaging legislation for women and their families we’ve seen in a long time. I cannot support anyone who votes for these bills. Ever. I understand we all make compromises, and I have voted for anti-choice legislators before because they are the best choice overall, but these bills aren’t just anti choice, they will result in the deaths of women. These bills, if they become law, will condemn women to die from cancer, botched back alley abortions, and whatever you call it when a hospital watches a woman die (I call that murder.)

Please call Rep. Doyle now and urge him to “take a position” AGAINST these bills. If he wont, I can suggest a few other positions he take, starting with retired.


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