Friday, April 8, 2011

Yay Doyle, OMG GOP WTF???

So, my little blog caused a bit of a stir yesterday! If you called Congressman Mike Doyle’s after reading yesterday’s post, or wandered over here after his response, then you know that Rep. Doyle in fact OPPOSES HR-3 and HR 358. In fact, he opposed them from the start, no pausing, no pondering, no prevarication.

He writes (about HR-358) “You will be happy to know that when this legislation was considered before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, of which I am a Member, I was vocal with my strong opposition, and voted against it. Despite that, H.R. 358 passed out of the Committee by a vote of 14 to 9, and will next be considered before the entire House of Representatives.”

According to the Congressman’s office, an intern got his facts wrong, and thus learned a valuable lesson on three very, very important words: “I don’t know.” I hope they weren’t too mad at the young man. I am encouraged that anyone still wants to go into politics these days.

Also, I spoke with Doyle’s office and they were very nice. They could have been jerks (even though I DID do my due diligence) human nature is often to lead with anger and indignation.

So it’s all good, right??

Wait…what did I see this morning? In the swirl of getting myself and the kids out the door on time I could swear I heard CNN say that the Budget deal to avoid a government shutdown hinges on….funding for Planned Parenthood.



Oi. Vey.

And according to this blog (and you know Blogs are the most reliable source for information right?) only Harry Reed and John Boehner can come together strike a deal and avoid a shut down. (Actually lots of outlets are reporting that it is the issue of funding for Planned Parenthood holding things up.)

We are doomed.

Just kidding. Actually we are


Go read the rest of this post and TAKE ACTION!!!

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