Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Milk Truck

Pennsylvania may have passed a law back in 2007 which allows women to breastfeed in public, but there are still those who would try to shame or bully them to stop. Enter The Milk Truck:

The Milk Truck is the creation of Jill Miller - artist and faculty member in the School of Art at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Milk Truck will be included in the 2011 Pittsburgh Biennial at the Andy Warhol Museum from September 26 - December 10.

The Milk Truck is a combination of guerilla theater, activism and a little slapstick humor. Yes, we will buy a truck and put a giant boob on the roof. Yes, we plan to drive it around Pittsburgh for the duration of the biennial exhibition. And yes, there’s a reason for making The Milk Truck - to create a mobile breastfeeding unit that allows mothers to feed their babies in places where they have been discouraged - restaurants, shopping malls, public spaces, etc. Babies should be able to eat anywhere. And everywhere.


Thought the nursing mother created a spectacle? Meet The Milk Truck.

Glad someone remembers the real reason we have ain't Hooters.

They can use some $ to make this a reality. You can contribute at the link above.

(h/t to Ms. Mon)

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