Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sharing Doctors/Therapists

How do you feel about making referrals to your doctors/dentists/therapists? A friend called me to ask about referring her sister to someone I see and I began thinking about I might feel running into her at this particular office. Is that an issue anyone else contemplates? Is there any difference between referring to your dentist and referring to your therapist? Hmmm.


  1. This post made me realize I had to schedule my annual gyne so if nothing else, that was useful.

  2. I recommend medical & home repair people who've done well by me, to most people that ask. I'm not concerned with running into any of the people I've given referrals to at a particular Dr.'s office, b/c I'm selective as to who I give these referrals.

    When my daughters were young, I'd only give my baby sitters' names to a very few close friends. I considered it survival then, seems a bit selfish now, nah, it was survival...

  3. i reccommend people or products or whatever if i truly am pleased with them , and the person asking isn't going to find fault with my reccomendations(you know the type of person i'll bet)

    i'm sort of flattered that people ask.