Monday, February 23, 2009

This is about Ms. Mon's post directly below

(For some reason the 'secret letters' don't come up when I try to post on blogs today, so I must resort to this).

Are they only intending this for print media?
“The Future of Journalism and Democracy” would indicate it's a broader net they wish to cast.

No room at the inn for successful local bloggers. Even if 'success' is measured only in terms of # of readers, you'd think they'd want to learn how & why these blogs are successful. (And, yes, I realize Chad is on the panel and that he is risen! once again as a blogger).



  1. Testing to see if I can post a comment

  2. Gloria,

    I had trouble posting a comment too. I was only able to post by logging into google first.

  3. Google comments have been very weird lately. I have double checked the settings. All seems well.


    Fuck Mickey Rourke. The same kind of people who think Mickey Rourke should have won the Oscar are the same kind of people who think Lynn Cullen should be back on local radio. They don’t look at the body of work, they look at the sensationalism. I, personally, think John McIntire needs to be back on local radio. McIntire is the Sean Penn of Pittsburgh. He works his mother-freaking fingers to the bone on every project that he does and he brings our little city the provocative edge that it needs. So what if sometimes he seems like an asstard? Who doesn’t? All I’m saying is… Mickey Rourke did not deserve to win. Sean Penn did. Word.

  5. I thought they were friends with Lynn Cullen? Is that what Pittsburgh's liberal media have come down to: a desperate mudslinging contest between two fifty something unemployed talk show hosts? Well, Lynn hasn't suck to this level so I'm being unfair. Sad.

  6. I meant sunk. But suck is also appropriate. Still sad.

  7. i like them both. they have very different styles and we here need that.

  8. "Risen" is a relative term, Gloria. Especially when you've got a relative working at the Post-Gazette. :-)

    Chris Potter, editor of Pittsburgh City Paper, made a great contribution to this discussion yesterday, but I erased it and am trying to see if Sue can repost everything (thanks Sue, by the way!).

  9. Ms. Mon,

    I was using the word "risen" in a somewhat sarcastic way, after all how can you rise from the dead, when you never really died?

    I'm looking up Fish Frys for various candidates to attend, so Easter's already on the brain.

  10. Holy Angels at the bottom of Glass Run Road. Awesome!

    Ms. Mon