Saturday, February 28, 2009

This just in: Cullen to return to airwaves

A confirmed source told me Lynn Cullen will be on WAMO during afternoon drive time, starting, (I think) on March 9, not sure as I didn't have a chance to write it down.

I told my source I'd get the word out. So maybe those calls & emails did help...




  1. I wonder how long until the anti-Lynn commenters come back? Hello?

  2. I hope it will be a long time. I like Lynn, and I miss hearing her take on things. Her view is different, it's provocative, and yes it ticks off the "Rush Limbaugh " loving fans.

  3. The bummer is that Lynn is on the air during "All Things Considered" but I guess that is what we have podcasting for, right kids? What a tremendous strive toward infusing WAMO with a new audience and creating a potential new listener base for Bev Smith. Does WAMO have any other white talk show hosts? This could be huge for Pittsburgh.

  4. i can't wait. i've missed her.