Monday, April 27, 2009

County to "study" wage disparity.

Onorato/County to "study" wage disparity.

The ever-rockin' Heather Arnet, executive director of the Women and Girls Foundation, said Pittsburgh women make less than 70 cents for every $1 a man makes. She also stated that nationally women make 81 cents per $1 made by men.

Why do we still need to study this?

Facts are facts. If local government isn't enforcing equal pay, then get on the stick & make it happen. If local gov't IS enforcing equal pay, then thank you very much. End of story.

Tomorrow's the Equal Pay Rally at noon at Mellon Square downtown. Please come out & show your support, enjoy a little sun, use your vocal chords.


  1. "If local government isn't enforcing equal pay, then get on the stick & make it happen"

    But here is the problem, as I understand it. It'd be nice to "make it happen" by raising all womens' and minority's salaries to the point where they equal that of their white male counterparts. However, that could be very very costly. So we'd probably have to equalize pay by raising some salaries by lowering others.

    And if you don't have a recent and conclusive study showing that persistent disparities exist, the angry white males can sue your pants off.

  2. I believe the Mayor said the city had completed just such a study.

    As for the county?

    I just got a reply from il capo di tutti capi's office today responding to an email I sent him in January concerning a bill they were discussing re: non-discrimination protection's being extended to lgbt citizens.

    As for our fair nation? Its gender-based salary discrepancies have been studied for years.

    Forgive me, my young friend, for being impatient.

    Gloria (lest there be a doubt) Forouzan

  3. Bram -- put a damn sock in it already. Or in the words of a woman I really love -- SHOVE IT.

  4. P.S. The angry, white males can't sue my pants off if I'm not wearing any. But they sure can kiss my you-know-what.

  5. Hey -- you know what's costly? Letting someone stay a freakin' politician for 29 years. That costs Americans a fortune. Eight years, and go back to your day job. We can cut lots of costs right. There.

  6. And you thought you were impatient, Gloria. :-)

  7. Perhaps I should have clarified, Ms. Mon -- without a recent study proving that pay disparities exist and are pervasive throughout the organization, the AWMs can sue the city's pants off SUCCESSFULLY. And reverse the reforms.

    Sorry, them's the rules.

    And Gloria -- let me know if that city study "has been completed". I think you must have misheard. The best possible thing that I think could have happened by now (considering the time line I'm familiar with) is that the city may have just *commissioned* the study. Though sometimes Our Mayor gets those things confused. Heck, maybe we only just now issued the RFP. Or decided we're *going to* issue the RFP.

  8. Regarding the city's study, I believe I heard at the rally yesterday (I attended briefly) that it would be released in May.

    Also, Onorato has said that he has seen women in the county who worked more years making less doing the same job and corrected it when he saw it so we know it's going on, but we need a comprehensive look, not just the things that were so obvious that they hit Dan in the face.

    And, me too -- shove it -- I'm sick of waiting.