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The Union Edge Talk Radio Show
Labor's Own Talk Radio 770 AM WKFB
Pittsburgh, PA
Studio: 412 829-7100

Contact:Charles Showalter
Phone: 412 855-6664 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
April 14, 2009

The Union Edge Talk Radio Show
Labor's Own Talk Radio

Fellow Union Brothers and Sisters:

Are radio shock jocks like Rush Limbaugh, Fred Honsberger, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Michael Savage, Bill O'Reilly, and Glenn Beck who you want talking to your members everyday? Do you want conservative shock jocks to be the only option your members have to listen to on the radio? Or do you want an option?

More importantly, are you willing to support an option for your members?

I am writing to let you know about an exciting opportunity for the labor movement to reach the public in ways like never before—The Union Edge Talk Radio Show. (www.TheUnionEdge.Com)
The Union Edge Talk Radio Show is a four month old grassroots radio program that reaches up to 15,000 listeners daily from Monday thru Friday 12pm-1pm on KFB 770 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (We will be streaming soon)
The Union Edge Talk Radio Show is proactively educating the public on The Employee Free Choice Act in Senator Arlen Specter’s second largest district, to a potential audience of two million listeners in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania market. The Union Edge Talk Radio Show is in the right place at the right time to educate and motivate the public on labor’s issues.
Sen. Specter’s Pittsburgh office gets calls every day from The Union Edge Talk Radio Show listeners about the Employee Free Choice Act and other labor issues.
Why do The Union Edge Talk Radio Show listeners to call Sen. Specter’s office? Because we ask them to do it! As a result…Senator Specter is scheduled to be on The Union Edge Talk Radio Show April 16th and he will be asked very specifically about the Employee Free Choice Act.
In addition, the program is using the social networking site Facebook and currently has over 2,750 Facebook fans. We also have over 14,500 people that are signed up and receiving regular alerts via email. We plan to launch the program worldwide within the next few weeks with the addition of streaming radio but this can not happen without your union’s support.

To be more effective, we must expand the show from one hour to three hours daily, so we can reach even more people for a longer period of time every day. Once we have moved into the afternoon “Drive Time” slot we will be able to mobilize more union and “Not Yet” union families and get them engaged in collective action. With your help, we can make this needed change.

The Union Edge Talk Radio Show needs your help to stay on the air and to expand the program’s format. The Union Edge Talk Radio Show will continue to counter the poisonous message of local and national anti-union shock jocks, rally our members and educate the public.

We have been supported in the past by, and wish to thank the following Labor Organizations:
Indiana University of Pennsylvania Labor Center
Brooke-Hancock Central Labor Council WV
IBEW local 29
AFGE local 1916
United Union of Roofers
Steamfitters Local 449
Int. Union of Operating Engineers Local 66
Plumbers Local Union No. 27
Construction & General Laborers Local 286
Letter Carriers Branch # 84
IBEW Local # 5
United Electrical International
Laborers' District Council of Western PA
Insulators Local # 2
Today, I am asking for your support to keep The Union Edge Talk Radio Show on the air and to help us expand into new areas. We are actively seeking stations in Ohio and west Virginia to expand the show. Our show is fully booked until mid June and we must expand our hours to meet the demand for this imporant labor news outlet!
Now is the time to support Labor's Own Talk Radio Show!
All grant money goes directly to buying airtime on WKFB 770 AM, streaming radio services, newsletter distribution, program marketing, and the expansion into new stations across Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia and other operational expenses. Without your support, we will not be able to expand The Union Edge Talk Radio show, or even remain on the air after June 15th.
Our expenses are:
Radio airtime @ $200 per day $4000 per month
E-mail distribution server $109 per month
Streaming radio service $120 per month
All of the people involved with The Union Edge Talk Radio Show project are volunteer union members and no one involved has received any wages to date.

Advertising on The Union Edge Talk Radio Show:

Many union and allied organizations trying to reach the Pittsburgh market on our issues have been advertising on other area radio station, the largest talk radio station in Pittsburgh. While some other area radio stations are a “union station”, represented by the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, the station format and talk show hosts are often highly anti-union and lean hard to the right.

Advertising dollars sent to other area radio stations only servers to undermine our long term collective efforts. Please contact your Pittsburgh local representatives about this, and ask them their opinion.

The Pittsburgh area has approximately 2 million potential listeners and 770 KFB has an Arbitron 0.5% market share in the Fall 08 book, or about 10-15 thousand listeners right now. Our program signal covers about 120-150 thousand union families. The program is rapidly growing in popularity.

We’ve had a large number of impressive guests to date including Secretary-Treasurer of the AFL-CIO Richard L. Trumka, International President of the United Steelworkers Leo W. Gerard, Kim Bobo of Interfaith Workers Justice, Kay Tillow with Single Payer Healthcare, Michael Peck of Gamesa USA, Kevin Surace, CEO Serious Materials, James Sinegal of Costco, Mike Brooks of Ardent Outdoors, Patricia Grace of Aging with Grace, Daniel Lozanzo of Helmets to Hardhats and many other timely guests.
The Union Edge Talk Radio Show has also established strong ties with Ron Moore of Examiner.Com and Doug Cunningham of Workers Independent News. Both Ron and Doug are now regular contributing guests on the show.

Our goal is to present a wide array of labor leaders and members to our listeners. We would love to have someone from your union to be a guest on our program. The Union Edge Talk Radio Show presents an opportunity for leaders to discuss current issues including strategic campaigns, organizing efforts, and other issues that their unions are facing. It is an excellent way to educate current members and the public at large in an unbiased way without fear of the corporate media spin.

Please review our website and past interviews at www.TheUnionEdge.Com and consider our request to support the program and our invitation to participate in the show. Also please include us in any press releases that you send.

The Union Edge Talk Radio Show has shown it has the ability to educate the masses about issues that are vital to all working people. We look forward to working with you to schedule someone from your organization to be part of our programming.
The choice is yours, Rush Limbaugh and crew or...
The Union Edge Talk Radio Show
Labor's Own Talk Radio
At the bottom of this page, you can remove yourself from this list or forward this e-mail to all your friends. Please forward this e-mail and help us take back the airwaves!
In Solidarity,
Charles Showalter
The Union Edge Talk Radio Show
WKFB 770 AM Pittsburgh
5135 Yale Drive
Aliquippa PA 15001
Call in line 412 829-7100
Cell Phone 412 855-6664

(Our Radio Signal Coverage Area)

Pittsburgh Broadcast Audience: 1,985,000
Union Families in Broadcast Area: 120,000
Arbitron Rating for Station: 10-15,000
Mailing List Membership: 14,500
Facebook Following: 2,750

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