Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So, Can We Have an Appropriately Un"ladylike" Response to Ben Roethlisberger!

If you had any doubts about how low this guy has sunk, read this Sports Illustrated article (where Ben is "coverboy").

If you're a waitress in the Pittsburgh area, do you demand his credit card in advance? Do you have to get a body guard to go to his table?

When I think of "what would be the proper response" to handle a jerk like Roethlisberger, all I can do is think about how Dabney Coleman was handled in 9 to 5.

Someone in the Strip is apparently selling "Dumb and Dumber" T-shirts with Tiger Woods and Ben on them. I'd prefer "Creep and Creepier."

I remember running into some of the '70s Steelers while on the town when I was in college, and they were always pleasant.

In contrast to Ben, the Penguins in general and Sid Crosby in particular, appear to have excellent reputations in town. Haven't heard a thing bad about any of them. And Sports Illustrated also had a nice article on Sidney this week.


  1. oh i have a response- but i'll just keep it to myself cause not only is it not ladylike- it borders on ...

  2. I won't defend him, he is despicable. On the other hand, when he says something like "drink up bitches" when he buys shots any self respecting woman should run, not walk away. Why do woman accept that in a celebrity?