Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekly Astrology Insight, May 3 - May 9

Monday May 3, Mercury trines dissecting Pluto 8:01am, and communications harmonize generously with regeneration. We are encouraged to reorganize our lives by eliminating the toxicities and nonsense that we have burdened ourselves with. With Mercury and Pluto in retrograde, our vision may not be completely clear - so it will take more effort on our part to review and re-focus on our goals ahead, so that we can see past 'the obvious' and get to the root of the matter. Retrogrades help us 'take a few steps back' as we travel into our past, so that we can re-examine and re-think our next steps. If we work 'hand in hand' with Pluto and Mercury, we can develop great awareness and clarity - to help us rid the clutter that we have been so desperately hanging on to. Spring-cleaning rids the dirt in our lives, so utilize this time to rid cobwebs that also exist in our minds. This is a time to break unhealthy patterns and quit bad habits, to get a new attitude and find happiness. Today's serious Capricorn Moon helps us to roll up our sleeves and do some hard work to improve our public status. Reputation, morals, and family is what matters, and we're focused on repairing and enhancing it.

In the tarot, The Magician (Mercury) and Judgment (Pluto) work in partnership in this life spread. We are to use important life lessons that have been learned (Major Arcana) in order to move forward. Like the confident wizard, we must use the magic of clear communication to achieve what we are seeking. We must also act as our own judge, separating facts from the illusion, so that we may replace peace for unnecessary pain... Read more>>

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