Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weekly Astrology Insight, May 10 - 16

Monday May 10, A Moon in cardinal Aries allows us to start the week on an energetic note. Normally we can be in a pretty good mood with the enthusiasm of Aries ruler Mars, but as Mercury is stationing, this can create a bit of mental tension. Aries Moon has a reputation for acting to quickly, and with Mercury in slow Taurus, we're a ball of uncertainty, asking ourselves 'do we jump ahead', or 'do we stay put'? Before jumping the gun, be sure that all steps are covered before moving forward. Show leadership on the job today, and display a willingness to be a team-player to avoid stealing the spotlight. You may want to meditate on my latest post with 'Affirmations for Confrontations' to avoid read more >>

Make it a great week!


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