Thursday, August 9, 2007

girty's run rant

yes, once again my kid's house has water in the basement and their new fence was taken out by a big damn piece of wood that came barreling down the rising creek.

you know, the various government agencies, from the townships up to the federal government have had MORE than enough time to STOP THE FINGER POINTING, sort out who is responsible for what, and clean up and dredge the creek!

it's scary and it's frustrating. my daughter and her husband have remodeled that house inside and out, landscaped their yard and this is just too much.
it was so sad today to listen to my little granddaughter who just turned 3 as she asked sorrowfully why the water broke her sandbox and her little playhouse.
yes, they are small items compared to the mud in their basement and the smell and the fence etc. but that hurt me i think the most.

and government wonders why no one believes them anymore. they can't even work together to clean out a creek let alone really help new orleans etc.


  1. Sherry,

    I am so sorry for your family. I lived thru one flood and it is horrible, to have that threat hanging over you b/c of EVERY level of gov't's inaction is inexcusable.

    Trillions to Iraq. Fussing about cats in City Council. State Reps', Governors', County gov't. inability to provide the most basic of services.

    It is mind boggling.

  2. isn't it tho? they have been passing the buck for damn near 3 years now and assuring the homeowners that "it could never happen again... hundred year flood..." and all that baloney. they won't let homeowners work on the creek because of federal regs, not even if you offered to do it and have the work inspected.

    so i'm getting my grand daughter this afternoon to sleep overnight and my daughter and her hubby are staying there to bail stuff out and keep an eye out as more rain is forecast.

    gee, if they could hand out a few "no bid" contracts to say, halibuton, bet the government would be right on it.

  3. ACK! All the rain that's fallen since you wrote that post and more rain yet to come...

    My heart goes out to your family!

  4. thanks. we've got my little grand daughter here. got caught in the second storm coming back. scary stuff. we are keeping her here while they stay at their place and keep watch.

    as we drove thru millvale and etna it was very upsetting. piles of belongings out on the curbs, mud, mud and more mud everywhere.

    and the worst part is the utter crap they were handed 3 years ago.

    how can we expect anything for people in washinton that care more about coprorate welfare than the infrastructure of this country?

    the bridge collapse was a big example but every day in every state there are examples that add up in injuries and deaths and heartaches and yes, money wasted. heartache,

  5. Oh my god that was awful. I was sent to the Waterworks (ha ha ha) to a store that closed 6 months ago. It hit just when I pulled into the parking lot. I parked and sat on the floor of my car shaking ... it was the worst 15-20 minutes of my life and I went through Hurricane Andrew. Lighting struck several hundred yards from me. I couldn't even see out my windows. At one point, so much lighting was flashing through my CRV, I was sobbing hysterically. I called 911 to make sure I should stay in my vehicle and the operator told me there was a funnel cloud sighting in the area and to stay put. Great. Aspinwall was a mess ... I made it up Fox Chapel Road and onto 28 with no problems, probably because the mudslides blocked everyone else from coming South. No damage here at home even though a funnel cloud was near the Science Center.

    Why does the City declare a state of emergency, but not send nonessential workers home?

  6. you were in my neck of the woods.
    it was scary/scary. we were in the second wave this afternoon with my 3 year old granddaughter in the car.