Friday, August 31, 2007

Introducing "The Padded Womb"

Greetings, Ladies/Women/Womyn/Girls/Dykes/Femmes/Mujeres/Sistas/Drag Queens/Artistes/Transwomen/Superwomen and every other glorious incarnation of this esteemed Society -- I'm an old family friend of Agent Ska (I've known her brother almost since birth), and I'm about to be back in Pittsburgh for the long haul. This beautiful city will have to endure one more ridiculous blog -- mine.
I'm going by the name of Sic Transit Gloria, and my blog is called The Padded Womb -- it's part militant, Marxist feminism; part exhibitionism; part lonely whining; part old-school environmentalism; part peak oil paranoia; part giddy critique of the ridiculous world around us; part cooking; part gossip; part baby lust and ALL truth, as best as I can conceive it.
I just got started blogging, and so I'd like to keep this pseudo-anonymous, at least until I find a job. If you really want to find out who I am, comment with an email address and I'll tell you. You'll probably meet me at Society meetings anyway, if those exist -- but I write for a living, and I'm going to blog about some things that might make prospective employers blanch (not to mention prospective dates). Therefore, I'd love it if nobody told anybody. (You gals, on the other hand, can be trusted.)
I'm a journalist, I just turned 25, and I like some of those stereotypical things that give us a bad name: long walks on the beach, good wine, theater and feminist theory.
For the record, I wax my legs. Myself. With biodegradable, nontoxic blue goo.
I just posted a recap of this summer's wedding season:


1.) Late March, Florida: Ted and Jennifer
These two met through a college fraternity, and their surfside wedding was a veritable who's who of said beer-soaked institution. I was among the bridesmaids. My ex-fiance was the best man. We got drunk and had a fight. Then, we went back to our regular lives...

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  1. hi, i bookmarked your blog. i'll read it later today. interesting and the title's cool.