Thursday, August 30, 2007

Great news!

This is my beautiful sister, Brenda, who just won first chair in the Austin Symphony Orchestra. She is now principal in three different orchestras. My crazy, chain-smoking "vegetarian" (she uses the term loosely) nurse mom just e-mailed me with the news.

And get this -- she plays trombone. How cool is that?


  1. I could use a cheery word. Hurrah for your sister ... would she be Ms. Allegheny, Ms. Youghiogheny or Ms. Ohio?

  2. Thanks! I thought this was actually relevant to the blog (not just a chance to brag) -- because I have an article I'm going to link to later about how "blind auditions" (playing behind an opaque screen) have helped to level the playing field for women in the world of symphony orchestras.

  3. Really cool for your sister. I never heard of blind auditions. How interesting. I look forward to you writing about it.

    Are you musical as well?

  4. I'll get to that post, but to answer your question ...

    The jury is still out on that. Years and years of piano lessons (from my small town's funeral director's wife, so you can imagine the repertoire) and then several years of pipe organ. Yes, that ENORMOUS instrument you find in the balcony of a cathedral.