Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama/Biden in Beaver Tonight, Biden in Pittsburgh Monday, McCain/Palin in Washington Saturday

I moved out to the sticks two years ago, and since I live between the Beaver and Pittsburgh Obama offices, I went out to Beaver to work today. I figured they needed a few extra hands as Obama/Biden are speaking in the center of Beaver tonight starting at 7:30.

While the tickets are long gone, if you show up, you can probably get close enough to hear the speeches. Third Street which runs through the park will be closed tonight.

Joe Biden is due to march in the Labor Day Parade on Monday.

[[By the way, Lindsay, I really miss all the local Democratic news you sent out four years ago. While I'm on varying Democratic mailing lists, I just get requests for money, not information on where I can volunteer and the like. I'm registered on Obama's site, but there's not a whole lot of info upcoming events that will need volunteers.]]

John McCain and newly-minted VP candidate Sarah Palin are due in Washington tomorrow (not that probably any of us could get within a mile of that particular rally!). Palin is an interesting choice; I figured McCain would have to go far to the right to grab someone to appeal to all those social conservatives. However, since she's a woman, there will be some Republicans who won't vote for her.


  1. i'm insulted by his pick. as if one woman is the same as another.

    2 years as a governor of alaska!

  2. Why should I be insulted? I'm not stupid enough to vote for McCain in the first place!

  3. It just shows how out of touch the Republican party is with the American people. They actually think they are getting Hillary's votes. 99.9% of Hillary supporters would NEVER vote for someone who is pro life.
    And I think most Hillary supporters I've talked to are insulted by her selection.

    Alaska has a total population of 684,000 people. Over half a million people LESS than Allegheny County.
    I would equate her experience with maybe the borough president of Brentwood.
    And I can see it now. The Republicans will have the image of her breast feeding her downs syndrome baby all over the place.
    Apparently she doesn't care that the John McCain wants to do away with the Social Security benefits her special needs daughter will need later in her life.
    I think they were successful in taking a little of the press away from Obama. But I don't think it is the kind of attention they think. I, for one was laughing.

  4. Michelle Obama is so awesome.

    That's all I have to say on the topic.

  5. i'm isulted because he thinks that 1 woman is the same as another.

    interchangable and that we are stupid enough to believe it as well.

  6. I am with you. Are you kidding? You think that picking a woman, any woman, for your VP candidate is what we will automatically "accept" because she is female. Is this the only criteria we used to support Hillary? Excuse me? Being the mother of two son's who are at the age of selective service "if mandated" ummmm....I don't think so. What is her experience on foreign policy? Or any policy? Who has she advocated for? For that matter what is McCain's? I absolutely appreciate his military service and his circumstance of being a POW, however, that does make you a foreign policy expert. That makes him a decorated Veteran, but does not make him President material.