Monday, August 25, 2008

Lynn Cullen, Don't Read This

Some fans, friends and followers of Lynn Cullen are asking folks to gather in the WPTT parking lot at 11:30 on Friday as a show of support at the end of her last show. It isn't really a surprise, surprise but please don't tell her. I am out of town that day and cannot go, but it would be great to get someone to liveblog what is a significant event in Pittsburgh media. Plus, I think there will be cake.

If you plan to go, shoot me an email and I'll let the organizers know. This is a concrete way to show that you value diverse voices on our local airwaves.


  1. i wish i could go. i don't think i'll bother with radio anymore.

  2. How can we tell if she starts a new show from another station? As of September 1, I no longer listen to local radio, but if I find her I will tune in. I just signed up for XM and now have several choices for talk radio that encourage broad thought and good political discourse without the sophomoric chest-beating you have to endure with other shows.

  3. Hi Margaret,

    You can email her at today (10/14/08) she send an unpdate via email to over 1000 of her listeners. As of today, she is not back on the air yet.