Monday, August 18, 2008


update: please, check out 2 political junkies this morning for more.

Radio talk host Lynn Cullen out at WPTT
Monday, August 18, 2008
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Lynn CullenAs of Aug. 30, longtime radio talk show host Lynn Cullen will no longer be on the radio.

WPTT-AM (1360) is switching to a new format and will be eliminating Ms. Cullen's show, which airs from 9 a.m. to noon.

Ms. Cullen confirmed today that her last day would be Aug. 29.

While she will be taking a previously scheduled vacation this week, Ms. Cullen said she plans to be on the air for her final four days, Aug.26-29.

"You don't just create an audience in this business, you create a kind of community," said Ms. Cullen, known as one of Pittsburgh's few liberal broadcast personalities, "and I need to be able to talk to this community about this and to try to assuage what I suspect will be frustration and anger at losing a voice that they felt spoke for them."

More details in tomorrow's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

p.s. read the comments over at 2 political junkies, you'll want to just yell out loud!

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  1. This is awful. Lynn should be given another job asap. Actually, Lynn should be aired nationally. Pittsburghers better make this one a priority and voice concern and outrage.