Friday, August 8, 2008



  1. Don't know if this is derogatory to Burgers, because I couldn't listen to more than 1:02 minutes of it. Her umm's drove me crazy n'at. I started counting at about 20 seconds into it. When it started being painful to listen to, I turned it off. She used umm every other word.
    Give me a "yinzer" anyday. They can't sound any worse than this woman and her "umm's".
    Sort of how non-burgers feel after a day at Kennywood.

  2. i picked up the accent when i was a teenager in the 60's.

    i'm proud of it now.
    i've even written a few poems in dialect that i have had to translate for fellow poets overseas. they've had to traslate their local dialects for me and others so dialects really can pinpoint one's hometown.

    i see no reason to try to lose my accent unless i have to for meetings etc.

    i love my hometown. we have this sound and it is ours alone.

    umms, do tend to drive me a bit crazy but...

  3. maybe too late to comment but---
    I was up in Ithica, N.Y. at Cornell, studying Birds, and downtown is just ssssssssso cool. In a food court I ordered a pizza for the kids. The guy I gave my order to had such a thick accent,from some foreign country, but he asked me where I was from. I said "Pittsburgh". He said, " I knew you wern't from here because of your accent" We had a good lunch and laughed so hard about our accents. I'm so happy to be so unusual.

  4. burghers can always find each other no matter where we go too.

    that's a plus.