Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beating A Dead Horse or Sexism?

Ledcat and I had a chat about "Wardrobe-Gate" last night. She was focused on the hypocrisy of it. I kept getting hung up on the sexism angle ... saying that Obama "only" spent $1500 on a suit as opposed to Palin's hundreds of thousands ... is it really a difference in kind or degree? I mean $1500 seems like a lot of money to spend on any clothing item, too. Right? I read this morning that Cindy McCain's outfits top $300,000 each. But it is okay b/c it is her money, not RNC money. Right?

Really? Do we really think there aren't areas in the campaign that the RNC spent even more money (think jet fuel) than they did on Sarah's outfits? No one is commenting on those excesses. I don't even want to think of the excess. It is vomit inducing.

It doesn't seem inappropriate to me that the RNC spends money on her clothing. And women's clothing is expensive. Why is this an issue? The issue should be the overall campaign excess, not Sarah's clothing. I mean do we really think a woman made this decision? Do you really think women are pulling the purse strings at the RNC? Come on.

I just can't get so excited about this. I hope Sarah goes home with a nice wardrobe as her consolation prize. It will help with her forthcoming career as a television pundit (did you see SNL?).

Now I'm off to Target to buy some new socks.

1 comment:

  1. Could anyone imagine for one minute if the DNC bought clothes for the Obama family?
    The Republicans spent public money on clothes for their candidate and her family. I don't care if it's for a man, woman, child, or dog
    It's wrong. Sex has nothing to do with it.
    And this woman let them do it. Shame on her.