Friday, October 17, 2008

Sleep-In: Part Deux

7 PM and it is cold. 50 degrees. Not cold enough for me to put on my down vest, but my fingers are feeling a bit nippy. I dug through our basket of winter stuff and came up with a pair of mismatched stretchy gloves. They are things of wonder to me in spite of their mismatchedness.

Jane Orie is talking about her commitment to getting this event off the ground. Growing shortage of affordable rental housing and increasing poverty are the two trends responsible for increases in the number of families experiencing homelessness. More than 2100 human beings in Allegheny County are homeless. Senator Orie says that tonight is about dignity and hope for the future. She's quoting Mother Theresa about the impact we make by responding to the needs of our sisters and brothers.

Interesting side note: I just accepted a position with Community Human Services Corporation and one of the interviewees references Mother Theresa in our interview dialogue. It was the most difficult question I've ever had to answer.

Tonya Payne just spoke to me AND she remembered me. I guess all of those email messages have paid off! She's walking around talking with people and really being present to the crowd. It does make you feel good when someone acknowledges that you are trying to make a difference. It really says something that a politician is mingling with the crowd, not working the crowd.

The committee is presenting Home is Where the Heart Is awards to individuals who have made significant contributions to the work of this project. I can't hear the speakers very clearly, but just well enough to hear how heartfelt they are ... sharing incredibly personal experiences.

I'm sad because someone brought a dog who doesn't seem thrilled to be here and the owner is waving a paper in its face to try and exert control. Poor dog.

I'm kind of hungry and wishing someone would bring me a Starbucks.

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