Friday, October 24, 2008

Missing Child: Where is the media?

Pam's House Blend posits why the disappearance of a pregnant (8 months along) 12 year old African-American child merits so little legal or media attention.

There is a 12-year-old girl missing in my town. Her name is
Tekenya Wooten, and she hasn't been seen since Saturday. Investigators here in
Durham have been unable to locate the 12-year-old, who is black, 5'1", eight
months pregnant and was last seen wearing her hair in a ponytail.

I don't understand why any missing 12 year old doesn't qualify for an Amber Alert. Especially one who is 12, pregnant and in state custody (living in a group home). Pam has links to more extensive coverage which makes no bones about the fact that a white, blond girl in the exact same circumstances would be all over the national news.

What about the baby? Why aren't the fetus cultists out combing the fields to find the unborn child, even if her mother isn't worth a full out search? Where are the dogs and the flyers and the tickers on the bottom of the televisions? Sigh.

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  1. we both know where they are at.

    i want to know where nancy grace is. she should be right on this (with nightly updates) along with the rest, but, we know
    where they all are.

    this sucks.