Friday, October 17, 2008

Sleep In: Part Four

It is 48 degrees and the forecast predicts a low of 42. Even 48 is cold. I'm sitting on the ground on top of a pretty sophisticated sleeping bag, wearing warm clothes with a nice cup of Crazy Mocha coffee and the option of going home. I have no clue what it is like to sleep on the street or sidewalk or tucked inside the corner of a building eave. I have a laptop and a bright green extension cord, for crying out loud.

So why? Adrienne Walnoha just stood up and said it all "We are teaching the community that they can make a difference one person at a time." I would much rather be home watching Ghost Whisperer and eating dinner with Ledcat, I won't lie. But it does matter that people step up and step out.

I'm amazed at who isn't here. Namely, the media. Surely the City Paper is somewhere in this crowd. But no news cameras. Why is that? Isn't anyone paying attention? Sure, there is Ghost Whisperer and J-Love is cute and all that, but really ... where are you tonight?

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