Thursday, September 16, 2010

Are women in media allowed to disagree?

A local women's organization has announced an upcoming event to celebrate the accomplishments of women.

I was originally on the host committee, but it didn't end on a positive note. It also ended abruptly for other female bloggers, but I can't speak for them. Obviously, I have some opinions, but my primary question is whether it is "acceptable" to voice criticism, constructive or otherwise, of a women oriented event without being pigeonholed as bitter, resentful, jealous, or so forth? Or disloyal, in fact.

Can we hold a women oriented event sponsored by a women's organization to the same level of scrutiny as other political events. For yes, an event lauding women is an inherently political act of advocacy, perhaps even activism.

Is asking this question going to land me in further hot water? Should I let that concern stop me from blogging -- the very reason I was asked to participate in the first place? I didn't shy away from critizing Dan Onorato, Barack Obama or Luke Ravenstahl. Should I hold back when I feel women have done a disservice to other women, including me?

I don't think we should. There's no need to bash, but when a system breaks down or creates barriers --- we blog.

Rest assured nothing untoward happened, but the experience has really left me struggling with how women can advocate within the women's community.

What do you think? Can we constructively critique the good, the bad and the ugly about women and women's organizations?


  1. why not? we can and should blog what we choose to blog and we should have our own opinions. as human beings and as individuals, americans and as women, yes.

  2. My experience was to be soundly chastised for daring to have expectations of competency from an organization. It was like I violated the vagina code. Sad.