Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Meditative Affirmation for Finding Inner Purpose

Meditation: Sit for a few minutes alone, with eyes closed and a goal to relax. Calm all thoughts and emotions until you are awareof the quietness that surrounds you. With slow and deep breaths,feel yourself float into this calm energy, feeling your body andmind also adjusting to this quietness. All the noise disappearsand you feel at peace. Pay attention to the soundless spirit, asyou cleanse and exist with silence.

Visualization: Today's card image can assist you in thismeditative affirmation, to help you make a choice in whatever situation that you may be experiencing. So whether you are ready to make some small shifts in a relationship, a change in your course with work, or dealing with an individual who you may be at odds with - this practice could prove to be beneficial.

Relax for a few minutes, closing your eyes, and with slow relaxing breaths, allow your mind to travel back in time. Search in your memory bank of the period when you were... read more >>

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