Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Astrological Happenings, September 2010 Horoscope

September inspires us to turn away from the outside world and to return to ourselves. While each of us contain both masculine and female energy, female energy is this months theme, as it is gentle, creative, and supportive. It balances masculine tendencies and mirrors reflections. It is a period to give less of ourselves, so that we may replenish what has been loss or given away. We are temporarily hiding from the world for a few weeks to analyze all that we have learned and collected, so that we can enhance the person that we have become. Just like 'The Hermit' in the tarot who represents Virgo's quiet personality, he comfortably presses the 'pause button' on his life by turning his back on his future, to mentally (Mercury) rewind past choices. And don't forget folks, we are still in a Mercury retrograde from last month, so our thinking isn't exactly where it normally is and we ponder recent situations and individuals from our past. Virgo likes to silently study himself, to reinforce his strengths and reexamine his weaknesses. The mutable qualities that make Virgo and The Hermit influential are highlighted in September, giving us permission to be Read more >>>

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