Thursday, September 23, 2010

Of Dieting ...

When I think diet, I think crazy schemes, pills, cremes and desperation.

This summer, I began dieting. It started out with exercise. I used the Wii Fit Plus and simply cut out pop, while increasing fruits and veggies. It dawned on me that I was, in fact, dieting.

To my surprise, I lost 30 pounds in about 4 months. I didn't really feel like I was dieting, but I did feel motivated enough to start paying closer attention to my food consumption so maybe I could lose some more and exit my 30's healthier than when I entered them.

I joined which has great tools to track food and fitness, as well as lots and lots of support and information. I've been working hard to meet my "ranges" in terms of calories, fat, carbs and protein while pursuing a diverse and balanced diet. The ranges have been okay. By tracking it online using my phone, I can hit dinner with a clear idea of what's acceptable. Or I can plan my earlier meals with the anticipation of a heavy dinner.

I eat a lot of spinach. I try to eat more broccoli. Protein shakes entered my life. I struggle to figure out the ingredients of my beloved Asian foods (that's a joy). I measure my portions! Ledcat laughs when I measured orange sherbert.

I also use the Wii programs to keep working out. I treaded water for hours this summer which is awesome cardio exercise. I signed up for swimming lessons this fall. I walk a few times a week.

I'm doing stuff. My biggest achievement has been six months of consistency. Sure, I've had a few blurps along the way, but for the most part I've done well. Granted, I've plateaued in terms of weight loss, but I responded by only weighing in once a week and focusing on other goals (more green veggies!).

I do note that most people comment on my weight loss followed by their tips and suggestions. People have some weird suggestions about weight loss. When I tell them its about living a healthier life, I can tell they don't believe me. Oh well. Other people do see past the weight loss. They see that I have had one sick day all year (bad cold). They see my increased energy and productivity. They see my healthy snacks in the cupboard at work and my ability to say "no" to tasty treats. They assure me that my "size too large" clothes don't look that bad.

Women can "diet" without feeding into stereotypes. My little Wii avatar lady tells me I should weigh 124 lbs which is ridiculous. I'm content to pass my little milestones and keep changing things up.

I really need to get some recipes to cook green veggies because the spinach is getting old. :-)

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