Monday, July 30, 2007

Dear LaMont Jones of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,

Are you crazy?

I let it go when you suggested a while back that women should always wear makeup. (I completely disagree.) But to each his own. I suppose if I had to make a list of "Utopian fashion wishes," though, one of mine would be that men who need bras would wear them.

But now you're promoting this "bootie" as a fashion must-have for fall back-to-school fashion? Foot binding for freshman? I can just see my daughter (who will be a high school freshman next month) teetering up and down the stairs to class in these. It's an ankle fracture waiting to happen. Not to mention the pinched toes. And for amusement purposes, let's just finish the picture here and pair these "booties" up with a 30-pound backpack and the fact that she walks to and from school ...

How's a girl supposed to take over the world when her feet hurt?

Do you have a teenage daughter? Would you want her clunking around in these urban-cowhooker boots? Better yet -- your teenage son?

In fact, I'd love to see you wear these to the office for a day (I bet Gene Collier would enjoy it, too). Why not go all out and try them for a week and report back to us?

Gawd. My feet hurt just looking at these. Am I the only person who sees high heels (like these ones -- they're not all this horrendous) as women's torture devices?


  1. Dear World,

    Please pay attention to what female candidates have to say, not to what they are wearing.

    The Washington Post reporter got a glimpse of Hilary's boobs & promptly cranked out commentary.

    Has this same reporter commented upon David Vitter's predilection for wearing diapers? When donning big boy Pampers, what statement is Mr. Vitter making about men's fashion? Is it a trend 'to watch'?

    I know, it's apples & oranges, but, I grow weary.

    Women's fashion, or lack thereof, is such a dopey subject - I can understand it as a distraction from the daily grind, but when it starts to intrude on the public's perception of whether a female candidate is smart, capable, etc., it just gets to me.

    Oh, (sorry Ms. Mon for derailing this train), and I agree, those booties look very uncomfortable.

    Ruth Marcus: Pretty (formidable) in pink

  2. yes - those boots look extremely uncomfortable. absolutely ridiculous. AND - I am thrilled to have found this blog! I linked over from the Thomas Merton Center website! I'll be checking in regularly now! -rebecca

  3. i read the article and shook my head when i found that these things are the must haves for high school.

    yeah, cripple those girl children early. bad feet, bad backs etc.

    sad, but i know, because i was one and i had one, teen age girls will buy them and wear them and that's just how it is.

    silly, but i have seen worse fashon trends.

    hopefully it will pass soon.

    and i think it is just beneath any reporter outside of a fashion/style person, to even consider writing about any candidate's clothes unless the candidate has dressed as a giant chicken on at least 2 occasions.

    that i'd want to know.

  4. The thing is, Sherry, most *adult* women can't even walk in these kind of shoes. (Maybe I should have been a podiatrist!) I see it almost every day -- women in ridiculous high heels, unable to walk -- leaning forward in an attempt to balance themselves(I call this move "the human cantilever"), stumbling, looking everything BUT the graceful gazelle they envisioned they would become in the shoes. Which defeats the purpose of the shoe -- instead of making the woman more beautiful, or gaining my attention for the "cute shoes," I am too distracted by the clumsy way they're walking. And I just think to myself, sister, let me hook you up with some pretty shoes you can WALK IN!

    Philosophically speaking, I've always detested someone telling me what I "must have" anyway. Unless they are telling me I "must have" this mojito.

  5. LaMont Jones, Cat Specter -- why DOES the Post-Gazette hate women in Pittsburgh? At least those of us who don't wear makeup, troll for boy toys, and tra la la around the Southside in pursuit of the scrumptiousest lipstick in tahn.

    Ick, ick, ick.

    What we need are more lesbians. Let us show you the light ... Doc Martens, blue jeans and the lingering scent of a burnt bra.