Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Props where props are due

1. Bob Mayo's report on WTAE TV earlier this week, included film of Mayors Caliguiri, Masloff & Murphy entering public hearings, facing very angry citizens, why? Because they took their role and duties as MAYOR seriously.

If it weren't so sad it'd be funny: the clip of then-councilmember Ravenstahl in a tizz because Mayor Murphy didn't attend a public hearing to face the music on an oh-so-important parking tax issue. Mr. Ravenstahl went so far as to suggest Murphy should resign for not attending.

2. Trib's Jeremy Boren, for keeping the heat on & Mayor Masloff's statement, from today's Trib:

"I was the mayor for 24 hours a day -- that came ahead of everything else," said Masloff, who served from 1988 to 1994. "When I had appointments I couldn't keep because I went somewhere, I always said where I was, and members of the media checked up on me. That was fine."

What a concept! Masloff was mayor 24/7. Though I wasn't a supporter of Bob O'Connor's mayoral campaign, he was also mayor 24/7. He loved this city, what would he have to say about Mr. Ravenstahl's performance?


  1. good post.

    too true.

    i'm sure there are some good things that he has done or at the very least finished after the death of the late mayor BUT this is such a tremendously important issue and it seems to have been treated as a minor matter. he really has shown a lack of even a small sense of the importance of it.

  2. BUSH: Worst President Ever
    LUKE: Worst Mayor Ever

  3. i think pete f. might be in the running for worst pgh. mayor ever as well.