Wednesday, July 18, 2007

speaking of female models...

i found this "quaint" old postcard on-line.
now, i'm not going to get huffy or prudish(cause i'm neither i hope)

what i want you to do is to look at the drawings carefully and tell me what you see. o.k?


  1. First, I noticed that Zelienople, PA has skyscrapers.

  2. The two in the middle are in drag. She is dressed like a sailor boi and, in a very peculiar twist, he is trying to look like Mary Martin, dressed as Peter Pan.
    Also, the "Nostradamus" of Zelie has eerily depicted the perv in the rear as a Republican.

  3. geezz, well that's not what i was going for but hey...

    : )

  4. Is there something else that should be pointed out?