Saturday, September 1, 2007

Online Organizing Skills Needed! (and other stuff)

You may or may not be aware, but the Thomas Merton Center is in dire financial straits. I was browsing around their website when I saw that they are looking for skills as well as money. I thought maybe some writers or readers of this blog may have some of these skills, if not the money.

TMC Wish List – Share Your Skills or Time!

Do you have computer skills you’d like to share? Some members and staff at the Thomas Merton Center are looking for volunteers to lead a workshop or two this summer who are proficient with Adobe Illustrator (and other Creative Suite applications) and Access database software. We’d also like to learn from folks who know how to put together those charismatic, new fangled e-blasts. If you have the skills, and a free day or two, and would like to volunteer to lead a workshop, please contact Etta Cetera (for Adobe and e-blast) at or 412-802-8575 or Edith (for Access) at or 412-361-3022. We'll coordinate days then advertise to volunteers and members of the Merton Center.

We’re also looking for folks with some extra time on their hands to help with the following: to stop by on a weekly basis to pick up items to be taken to Construction Junction for recycling; to paint the front of our building (located at 5125 Penn Avenue); to paint the inside walls of our office space; to help out with receptionist duties during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm); or to deliver The NewPeople to the West End Carnegie Library distribution center every first Thursday or Friday of each month (between 10am and 2pm) when the paper arrives. If you can help with one or more of these items, contact Edith at 412-361-3022 or

--Agent Ska--

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