Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Cutting Edge?

Do you think the Post-Gazette opinion folks (yes, you Greg Victor) realize how diverse the blogs are in Pittsburgh? In terms of women, I realize they lap from the PittGirl pool on a regular basis and frequently quote 2pjs, though not so slavishly. My blog was picked up once I recall. Maybe some others?

Or does it just *seem* like they use the same blogs over and over and over? Are they even trying to find new pools from which to lap? It is like the Seen feature minus the ugly hats and fake smiles.


  1. You know I once had an article written that included my blog, but instead of talking about my main blog, which she had asked questions about she wrote about my personal blog (which no one could read) that was about healthy eating. She instead said it was about being over weight and wanting to be thinner. At that point I stopped having anything to do with the Trib.

  2. i wondered the same and then i thought well, maybe i was being jealous and thought to myself, "why would they even want an eclectic blog like yours and who ever heard of you in pgh anyway?"

    that is probably true in my case but shouldn't be with a lot of the others here.

  3. yeah i had the jealous thought, too. but you hit the nail on the head. one, there are far too many blogs focusing on news issues and two, the column itself rarely mines the wonderful eclectic nature of blogs. blogs aren't MSM so if you try to force them into that paradigm, you come up short. if you share what the bloggers are really talking about, you illustrate how narrow the MSM can be.

    still, if they can run the Cat Specter column talking about sex toys, surely they can handle some radical poetry and offbeat introspection. LOL

  4. Since it's likely that they're reading this post, I'll only comment that I think it's impressive that they picked up a comment by Spot On this week on teh Burgh Report. That's a first.

  5. I still want to call it general laziness. Mining takes time.

    Am I being difficult?


  6. Reading a comment at one of the six blogs they promote isn't that impressive to me. It is like being congratulated for having your eggs sunny side up instead of scrambled or switching stools at the diner where you've been perched for the past sixteen years.

  7. Well, I'm certainly not going to blast them for "focusing only on news issues". They're a newspaper. It's only reasonable they'd be interested in highlighting commentary about the local news.

    Way too many news blogs out there? More like way too few news blogs written by women. Or lesbians. Or whomever you have a hankering to see more of.

    What about the proposition that the Cutting Edge exists to highlight the best commentary, or at least the most representative commentary, that happens to be available, and not to portray or engineer a news blogosphere that does not exist?

    (I say this as someone who's only been picked up by them twice, and one of those times was pretty lame, so it's not like I'm being conceited or defending my patrons.)