Monday, July 21, 2008

FCC in Pittsburgh

Hello Pittsburgh Women's Blogging Society,

I wanted to talk with you about the upcoming public hearing being held by the Federal Communications Commission on July 21st in Pittsburgh. The focus of the hearing is on Pittsburgh's vision for the future of the Internet. I am sure your readers would want to know about this important event, but I also thought that as a local blogging society, you, your contributors and readers are uniquely positioned to talk about the important role of the Internet in Pittsburgh at the hearing.

It is rare for the FCC to leave Washington, but on July 21st all 5 members of the commission will be at the public hearing which is scheduled for 4pm in McConomy at Carnegie Mellon University. We see this hearing as a key event in the fight for faster, more open and accessible broadband for all. We want to be sure that local citizens have a voice at this event. There will be a public comment period where people can speak directly to the FCC commissioners about the issues that matter most to them in terms of the Internet's central role in education, innovation, and economic and social opportunity.

I would be happy to talk more about this event. I hope that you will consider writing about the event on your site.

We have a website set up where you can find out more about this event:

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