Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Obama: Faith Based Rules

Yeah, ahem. This is some delightful news for those of us in the crosshairs of the evangelical community. Great.

Taking a page from President Bush, Democrat Barack Obama said Tuesday he wants
to expand White House efforts to steer social service dollars to religious
groups, risking protests in his own party with his latest aggressive reach for
voters who usually vote Republican.

Once you fund them, how do you control them? How do you hand a fist full of dollars to an entity that is entirely premised on conversion and then expect them not to convert with those dollars? It makes no sense and it serves to hurt a lot of people.


  1. i figure there's no way to get those churches off of the gravy train now. too hard to reorginize which social programs will take over for them, tho i could be done. supposedly, and i say ,"supposedly" this plan would make the churches have to set up a sort of secular arm that could not discriminate in hiring or who gets the funds.

    me? i'll believe that when the government includes buddists and hindus and wiccans( oh my!)in the program.

  2. Very disappointing. I thought he knew better.

  3. He is not lying, NOW! He's been lying all along. Obama used Pop-culture tactics to beat Hillary and people fell for it. We've been duped, and it's not too late to admit it.

  4. "He's been lying all along." Explain. Also, did Hillz have a position on funding faith-based initiatives? Did she ever broach the issue with her rival Obama? Or was she focused on Other Stuff?

  5. I guess "women's intuition" made that post, I admit. I read, I think, and surmise. Obama is as much "just another poltician" as anybody. Where is the hope for change in this arena? I'm takng Jack and Jeremiah to the River this week-end. Fireworks, bar-be-que, beer and laughter (while we can). Mayybe you should join us. Give me some perspective, right now, I'm feelng our Hippy generaton had found the "real" change, but nobody listened.

  6. I am an Obama supporter, but I'm leery of this embrace of faith based activities with federal dollars. I REALLY hope Obama does not try to become all things to all people - when you do you stand for nothing.

  7. OK, ms. anonymous 1:51. Summarily:

    Obama is generally LEFT on what I look for in a president -- economics and war. And I think he's smart enough not to sputter and drown. So ... and don't discount "economic" issues, the means of production trade and exchange determine the culture to a significant extent...

    Even if you're a different kind of politician, you're still a politician. What do we mean by "a different kind." One with a conscience? Well, hopefully you can find a way for a conscience to kick in down the road. You navigate by feeling it and take it from there.

    I'm content with his appropriating "faith based initiatives", because it help him and because he sees a value in it. I would like nothing more than for Obama to bust up some ninnies in 2009 evangelizing with public dollars. Shoot, it would serve the Rev Wright right.

    So yeah ... Obama might be ready because the young voted, and the young understood him, and technology and other things are helping to make the young ready. And "young" and "pure" tend to coincide to a degree.

  8. Unless we've got a Pied Piper situation, but we'll burn that bridge when we come to it.