Friday, September 26, 2008

Economics and the Woman

This economic crisis has me scared. I woke up this morning, got the little one off to school, made the other little ones breakfast, brewed a nice cup of coffee and sat down to watch the news to see about the weather--is it going to rain or not!!!

But Good Morning America had a panel of "ordinary" Americans like you and I (I'm suspicious of panels) asking questions to experts in the field about whether or not they should take their money out of the bank and stuff it under their mattresses, and other equally frightening questions. I hid under my blanket in horror.

I don't know shit about the economy.

As more and more women become economically independent, we owe it to ourselves to understand the economy and how it affects us and our money. It is about our security, our independence, our retirement, our future--it is everything.

Whether you are single or married; underprivileged or over; a parent or not, it is undeniably important in this day and age to educate yourself. You never know where life's circumstances will put you, so be prepared.

After watching this morning and seeing the devastation these last several months have created, I'm taking my head out of the sand and resolving to be a better educated woman in the area of economics, which so many of us women ignore.

I hope you do the same.

Lady Elaine

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  1. When I worked in a shelter for women, I was amazed at how many women did not understand basic household finances -- part of the cycle of emotional dependency and control. But there are many women who are not in those types of relationships who still don't have a good understanding of basic economics.

    Sounds like a great topic for an upcoming Society coffee.